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Are you passionate about becoming a hair professional? 

There is no finer beginning for anyone wanting to make their first mark on the world of hair than the 6 weeks Mary Gee Hair Extension Diploma Course. Recognised as the ultimate in modern hair education, both of the key braiding and hair extension techniques that underpin the Mary Gee hair extension philosophy that will be passed on to you, the newest generation of qualified hair extension professionals.

The 6 week Diploma course is divided into two in-depth stages covering all of the skills needed to provide you with a fast track to hairdressing success. The nature and content of each stage develops your skills as a Hair Extension professional as you progress through the course. However, some things remain constant; personal guidance and mentoring from Mary Gee throughout all work sessions; theory and practical assignments to assess your progress at regular intervals; a personal appraisal at the end of each stage to ensure you are achieving the learning goals required to become a hair professional.

Note: Applicant must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

1 Day Braiding Tuition £275

1 Day Hair Extension Tuition £275

1 Week Braiding Course 

1 Week Hair Extension Course 

6 week Braiding & Hair Extension Diploma 


Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm 

For enrolment email

Become a Hair Professional
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